[SPKLP01R] Night Shift Revisions

by Stephan Panev

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We are proud to deliver "Night Shift Revisions". Eight months later eight artists carefully selected by Stephan Panev have managed to enrich the sound of the original LP. With this record we also wanted to introduce more genres into the mix while staying in tone with the fact that we are a dedicated Techno label. To achieve that we've invited some of the household KOMPONENTI artists coupling them with some acts we truly admire out there even though they haven't ended up producing Techno. Yet.

More about each of the included tracks below.

The opening piece is "Arrive (Reprise)". This is the version that we just couldn't fit in the album back in March ending up with the beatless edit you already know instead. However we believe that this is the perfect opening track for the remix album conveniently reminding us of the sound we concentrated on in the beginning of our label more than three years ago.

Followed by a highly anticipated Josef Gaard remix welcoming him back on the label for a first time since SPK003. It's easy to say that it doesn't disappoint and showcases what he is up to lately - more of that brooding & perfected sound we fell in love with in the first place. "Probe One" is one of the favorites from the original and we believe that the remix here will follow.

Third comes one of the newcomers in our collective - KANZ. While having a rather deep & eclectic release to his name combined with the fact that he had to work on "Obscured" - one of the "out there" tracks from "Night Shift Cases" we just couldn't wait to see what he has to offer. The final result is a stylish stripped down & beat dedicated version of the original that could be your secret weapon in case you don't really need one of our well known heavier tunes.

"Planet Kowloon" was the first track that got in the record. That's why we wanted something special here. Introducing for the first time on KOMPONENTI - Death Membrane. A heavily distorted techno cut that could have been the perfect tool if it wasn't for that disturbing beat covering half of the track. Speaking of firsts - Death Membrane is about to release his first KOMPONENTI release in the beginning of 2017.

Yofunk is an artist that we've always liked to work with even though KOMPONENTI is not the best place to present his original material. However those of you who follow Stephan Panev closely already have in mind that "We Go Slower" remix he did for the "Where Do We Go From Here?" remix album six years ago. Back to the present we have an album that is almost completely techno - nothing more nothing less and having to work on an original that's this far away from his own sound worked wonders for Yofunk. His version of "Splice" is a sleek broken beat manifest in one moment and something that sounds like a grime beat taken from the future in the next.

"Night Shift" is just like "Planet Kowloon" - the second track on the LP that was recorded in the beginning of the whole recording process. Relying on a groovy kick heavy bassline combined with some perky percussion, the original is one of those "forever & ever" type of tracks. Probably that's the main reason why FEMALES opted for something in the same vain while neatly incorporating the synth heavy atmosphere of his original works. He has also managed to drop a major easter egg pointed at one of our artists - Promil.

"Dissection" ended up in the hands of Qaseo. His own SPK008 got released just over a month ago so you should have a pretty good idea what to expect. Having countless projects behind his back all defined by effective groove sections Qaseo delivers here as well. The remix concentrates on the same main sound that Stephan Panev has based his original on and instead of spending time making something else out of it, the artist has opted to make a whole new base to embrace it.

Scribble is one of the artists we met while back thanks to our mutual work with the This Ain't Music label. He is one of our favorite producers. Keeping a small number of released works helps him to take the time needed in order to perfect every little bit of his sound. This remix is a fine example of his ability to build whole atmospheres that appear lo-fi but are still rich in detail. The original is the second beatless track on SPKLP01 but it is safe to say that the remix follows the approach we've taken with "Arrive (Reprise)" and thus making it official - we have a remix album with more beats than "Night Shift Cases" itself.

Last but not least - "Endurance". The original is definitely the most dancefloor ready track on "Night Shift Cases" and probably that's what attracted Martu in the first place. The rework is best described simply by saying that it's one of those tracks that perfectly describe how we like our techno - raw & dark room oriented. Unleashing a distinctive noise you will point out just before it all ends. In the meantime check "Contact" from SPK009 to get an idea of the closing piece.

"Night Shift Revisions" will be released on December 12th in our Bandcamp store & all other digital platforms.


released December 12, 2016


all rights reserved




Our main goal is to reach the DJs out there that will form the future of sound.

The ignorance of everyone else is deeply encouraged.

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